The main concept of DeepLink Radio is finding and playing best Soulful & Deep House music DJ mixes. It all started as my personal cloud radio, but after a while I decided to pay a little bit more for streaming service and now others can enjoy it too. This radio is for grown-up House Music lovers, people who are living real house music life, house music lovers.

We all know that is hard to find good DJ mix that you can listen to many times and still want to hear it again. DeepLink radio plays those kinds of mixes, Soulful House music for your body and your soul. I'll try to keep mix selection current with latest works, but besides newest DJ mixes, I'll drop in the air some old gems too. 

It's all been selected, prepared and played by me, DJ Dacha. As a passionate radio and club DJ, I am always searching, collecting and promoting on my websites best and latest Deep and Soulful House music tracks and artists, but I'm also collecting house DJ mixes too. You'll hear some of the Best DJ sets from my collection, and you will often hear my personal DeepLink DJ mixes too. If you want to download or listen to my mixes for free at any time, visit and go from there.

Not enough? OK, here's some Q&A

Describe the music that I can enjoy on your radio
It's all about good old (new) House music, you can hear best selection of latest, and some older Soulful Deep House DJ mixes that are free to find and download online. I'm spinning only DJ MIXES 60 mins and longer, no tracks, no demos, no promos, no radio shows with voice over, only music with a few jingles. I don't collect or play commercialized genres such as EDM and other so called "House Music". If you don't know what House Music is, Google Frankie Knuckles (R.I.P.) and your world will start to change.

How come that you're playing only DJ mixes?
As a DJ myself, I love to hear good DJ mix more than a good track or even music compilation. Good track lasts couple of minutes and that's nice, but, good mix will give me at least 60 minutes of pleasure! For me, most important thing in DJ mix is music selection, but if you know how to mix it well, than we have music art. The other thing with house music is that those tracks are maxi versions, and they're much longer than radio cuts. They have intro and outro parts left for DJs so they can mix it properly. I don't want to listen just beats for a few minutes at the beginning and at the end of the track, instead I want great mix part were two tracks collide in most seamless way!

This is not "Real Deep House", deep house is totally different music, go check it on beatport!
That jingle "You're listening to real Deep House" is 15 (or more) years old, music that you think is deep house wasn't existed at the time, so go back in history and learn something. You can hijack the genre, but people will always know what's real deep house.

Who are the DJs that you are presenting, can I send you my mix?
Only Soulful & Deep House DJ mixes are welcome here, mix just needs to be very good. How do I decide if it's good or not? Well, if I can listen to it numerous of times, it's good for sure. It doesn't have to be newest music, but I prefer something new that I never heard before, I will spin newer mixes first. No talk! I can except some general voiceover, but if you're talking about Christmas on your DJ mix .Sometimes it only takes one bad track for me to 'disqualify' specific DJ mix from playing it on my radio, sometimes I can 'swallow' bad mix skills if the selection of music is outstanding. Contact me and send a link to your mix, if you don't have place to host it, use soundcloud or house-mixes website. There you can upload your works and share it with the world.

Do you have DJ slots, some program schedule?
We don't have time slots or DJ schedule, concept for DL radio is simple - we play all our selected DJ mixes anytime we want. Why? We have listeners from all over the world, time zone is different and 6pm in New York is probably 8am in Australia or Japan. So, there is no special time for special mixes, they're all special and whenever you tune on, music will be 100% the best. If you don't like it, that's fine too, drop by again later maybe it'll "hit the spot" .
DeepLink radio will most suite grown-up house music lovers, people with not so much time to waste, people with lives. When you're young and have more time for personal activities, it's easier to be online at certain time of the day. But, most of us are doing daily jobs and we don't have time to listen to radio at specific time of the day, and as I mentioned, different time zones are always big issue for internet radio listeners.

This means I'll hear the same mix many times again and again?
That's why our concept is different, we know that our listeners will appreciate good music at any time of the day. And, many DJ mixes will be played hundreds of times because they're good, but some of them we'll play just a few times. With time slots, you'll usually hear every mix once or two times, and it doesn't matter if it's good or not so good. I know that those stations with DJ slots play usually newest music which is great, but that's not the best solution for our radio, we prefer to play best mixes numerous of times.

How can I download DJ mixes that I hear on your radio?
When you hear mix that you like to download, look at your player info display and you'll see name of the mix and DJ. Google it and you'll find it in 99%. I'm still working on new pages for our website where I'll post direct links for new mixes that we recently added in our program. I'll also build page for DJs that we're supporting and whose mixes we're playing.

I like this radio, I want to help
You can help. Finding great music online is hard, if you find some mix that would be appropriate for DeepLink radio, send me a link and I'll check it as soon as i can. If I don't like it, don't be mad at me, send another mix before you quit and hate me. Also, you can always contribute with money, always needed for Web and radio hosting services.

I don't like this radio
That's fine, nobody cares

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